achievement motivation-review of literature

students. In this chapter, an effort has been made to review the earlier work related to the study under investigation. 2.2. Review of Related Literature. 2.2.1 Studies related to Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement. Sandven (1975) observed the motive to excel in academic work as an activating force, a drive or
The detailed account of review of related literature pertaining to variables under study, namely academic achievement, parental encouragement, achievement motivation and intelligence is presented here under. 2.1 STUDIES RELATED TO ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. Krishnan (1977) conducted a study on non-intellectual
achievement have been carried out in India and abroad, some of which are reported here. 2.1.1 Studies Carried Out in India: Ghuman (1976) conducted a study on aptitudes, personality traits and achievement motivation of academic over achievers and under achievers and found that over achievement was primarily
Theoretical Approaches. According to Stipek (1996), early approaches to the study of motivation were rooted in the literature on extrinsic reinforcement. Within this literature, all behavior, including achievement, was believed to be governed by reinforcement contingencies. Proponents of this approach included B.F. Skinner,
habits. Thus, a need is felt to investigate achievement motivation, study habits and academic achievement among students in different categories of schools, following different systems of education, namely, the state, matriculation and central board schools at the secondary level. III. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE.
Achievement Motivation of secondary school students, Achievement Motivation of C .B.S.E & G.S.E.B Secondary School students, gander and respect of parents workin g states of secondary school students. 2.6 Conclusion:The present chapter is “The Review of Related Literature” .In which the importance o f the review of
REVIEW OF LITERATURE. Research has shown there is an interest in Achievement Motivation as it relates to students. Many studies have been conducted to discover what motivates students (Atkinson, 1999; Atkinson and Feather, 1966; Spence,. 1983). With these studies came ideas on how to predict an individual's task. Review of literature on achievement motivation High task motivation has been found to correlate with high firm growth Miner, Smith, et. Motivation refers to the level, direction and. Decoene and Bruggeman in their study
A review of the literature reveals strong evidence connecting resilience ... self-concept, achievement motivation, and academic self-concept .... achievement. Resilience, combined with the creation of positive and constructive learning environments, can benefit all students, regardless of their risk level, and can effectively be
contribute to academic success and retention of college freshmen, extant literature examining strength-based non-cognitive factors of ... correlations were found between and among achievement motivation, hope, and resilience and cumulative GPA. The study has practical ..... CHAPTER II: REVIEW OF LITERATURE .

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